HR challenges in today’s tech companies

War for talent

Tech companies often struggle to fill in vacancies in time. Finding the right fit and talent takes a long time and a lot of money. Competition in the market makes standing out essential.


Low retention rates pose a risk to any company. Even more so in the tech industry where talent is scarce. Knowledge gets lost and onboarding new people is expensive. Bad retention may scare off candidates.


In the post pandemic world, well-being is of high importance. Candidates and employees rightly prefer companies where well-being is taken serious and has become part of the company DNA.

Neuroinclusion as part of the solution

With one in five people being neurodivergent (having ADHD, ASD or autism, dyslexia, or other conditions), focusing on neuroinclusion in tech companies is a significant factor in facing these HR challenges.

  • Many neurodivergent people have specific skills and strengths related to innovation, intrapreneurship, creativity, accuracy and problem-solving. When not using inclusive communication, or having recruitment processes designed for neurotypicals, neurodivergents may be overlooked and companies can miss out on the best candidate for the job.
  • In workplaces not embracing neurodiversity, neurodivergent people may feel isolated from colleagues or not fit in socially, and company policies may unintendedly cause discrimination or confusion. This increases stress and anxiety levels and may lead them to leave the company, decreasing retention rates.
  • In companies where systems and practices are focused on neurotypical behaviour, neurodivergents have difficulties to thrive and fully exploit their talents and strengths, and may put them at risk of burn-out or bore-out.

Bjièn helps your tech company with awareness, understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity, as well as implementing neuroinclusive approaches and strategies.

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