Bjièn /bjɛ̃/ is an independent consultancy founded in 2021 in one of Belgium’s thriving tech scenes: Ghent.

Our mission

Enabling people and teams to grow so that together we can advance organisations to thrive sustainably and people-first.

The power of neurodiversity

Daphné and Dietrich with a book on neurodiversity in the workplace and a fidget cube.

Neurodiversity is part of our DNA: both founders have ADHD which enables us to seek and find challenges in complex problems and to come up with creative, out-of-the-box solutions.

Being neurodivergent ourselves puts us in the ideal situation to help you improve on diversity and inclusion within your company.


Strengthening each other where necessary, we maintain partnerships with a number of other companies and consultants. Together we provide leadership training, personal neurodiversity coaching, agile & lean workshops, and other auxiliary services and consultancy.

By sharing the same core values, an efficient and high-trust cooperation is guaranteed.


We love hosting community events, stimulating open knowledge sharing with like-minded people and organisations.

Bjièn is part of the founding and organising crew of Breaking the Silos as well as DataOps Ghent Meetup.